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In today’s rapidly changing workspace, it’s important to consider elements outside of your comfort zone to get results. In this blog post, we’ll look at three things to consider to stand out and compete in today’s market including the rise of video, social selling and sales enablement.

1. Video is King

In a world of email, and increasing digital noise, video can cut through the clutter to get your message heard. As we’ve ventured further into digital sales, video takes a step back and humanizes sales again. Because many of us are uncomfortable doing video, it’s a great opportunity to differentiate yourself. 

Video is a powerful tool and gives you tremendous opportunities on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and others. Video can be a powerful element for driving sales. According to Rick Lambert, host of the SMARKETING Show, “video is one of the most underutilized, free ways to do a one-to-one message, that will work to differentiate you from the competition.”

2. Social Selling is Educating

Social selling is a broad term encompassing several levels. The average number of touchpoints before a sale is 7 to 15. As a result, a social selling strategy needs to encompass multiple platforms including email, phone, and for example, LinkedIn. Another option is positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, by creating content that is 90% educational, with the remaining 10% being promotional.

Examine your social stream. Social selling is about humanizing the process and providing knowledge. How many of your team’s faces are on your social stream? Is your content 90% educational? Be honest! Social selling is an art and can be one of the most effective sales tools in your toolkit.

3. Sales Enablement = Acceleration

With the rise of tools like AI and automation, the question is how do these tools promote sales enablement? Buyers are more educated than ever before and they are researching more before they ever engage with a salesperson. What enablement tools do is they give the rep time to focus on more high-value tasks, like live interaction. These tools remove the non-selling activities and allow the rep to focus on the human element more effectively!

These three factors are affecting how we do what we do every day.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the latest SMARKETING Show. In this episode, Rick interviews Marketing Executive, Scott Clary for an in-depth discussion on the rise of video, social selling, and the new crop of enablement tools. Listen to the podcast here.

Watch Scott Clary and Rick Lambert on The SMARKETING SHOW.