Hub Technology Group Inc, or hubTGI, is a Managed Service and Imaging provider that helps companies leverage technology to control costs, boost productivity, and secure their data. They are proud to be the largest Xerox provider in Canada, helping clients coast to coast.

As a technology services provider, hubTGI has a reputation to uphold. Because of this, they decided that their branding was making them feel outdated and less than other companies in their competitive industry. As a result, we knew that a rebrand was in order to make them feel like the technology company they are.

To make hubTGI’s branding more on par with what they offer, we knew that we had to focus on giving them a sleek yet modern design that helps them look and feel like a technology company. This meant we were tasked with creating new brand guidelines, custom website, and social media content that reflects their new image.

Brand Guidelines

Let’s reintroduce you to hubTGI. With a new sleek design, stunning colors, and a helpful tone of voice, hubTGI is now seen as a force to be reckoned with.

Custom Website

Alongside hubTGI’s new branding, they knew that a new website was also essential. Our team created a new website experience, stacked with lead generation opportunities including eBooks and whitepapers, improved UX/UI to help guide users, and an educational blog that ranks for competitive Xerox branded keywords.

Social Media Content

hubTGI had a full social transformation, including banners, favicon, company overview, and social template showing off their custom colors. We also had the opportunity to train their sales reps to show them how to properly use LinkedIn both personally, and engaging with the company page to increase impressions.

Virtual Events

To continue pushing hubTGI as a leader in the technology industry, we decided to help them put on educational webinars. This helped them drive an impressive number of leads and interact with a wide audience. With our webinar services, all your team has to do is present. We create the slides, advertise the event on your favorite social media channels, create email campaigns, and more. It really is that easy.