Windstream Wholesale is an innovative optical technology leader that creates deep partnerships with carriers, content and media providers, federal government agencies and Fortune 100 companies to deliver fast and flexible, customized wave and transport solutions.

One of the challenges that telecommunications companies face is how competitive and monopolized the industry is. With their ever-expanding network, it was important for our team to align their capabilities with an aesthetic that will help them stand out from the crowd. As a result, creating a brand identity that conveys reliability, forward-thinking, and trust was essential.

In order to convey this message, Windstream Wholesale was in need of a branding overhaul and marketing assets that reflect who they are today. This was achieved by creating new brand guidelines, including logo, colors, fonts, and key messaging points, as well as building social media content and video content to drive home their stand-out features.

Brand Guidelines

Modern and appealing branding is ideal for companies in the technology industry looking to frame themselves as a leader. These guidelines include colors, fonts, proposals, PowerPoint templates, and other resources to ensure the organization looks cohesive on any channel.

Social Media Content

Once the brand guidelines were complete, it was time to show off all of our hard work on social media. Pairing video content with static images and enticing text is how we re-introduced Windstream Wholesale to their audience.

Video Content

As a telecommunications company, it’s not easy to convey their messaging in words. That’s why our team built a multitude of custom videos that showcase their growing network, company events, awards, and more.

In-Person Events & Trade Shows

The team at Windstream Wholesale was so confident with the new brand that they hosted multiple in-person events and attended trade shows to drive lead generation. Pairing their knowledge with our assets, these events were a huge success.

LinkedIn Sales Training

Created and implemented brand-compliant profiles for all sales personnel to ensure profiles were “customer resumes” highlighting Windstream Wholesale’s value proposition.