Since 2003, Proven IT has been providing technology solutions to businesses looking to save time, money, and improve workflows. Proven IT is committed to excellence - supporting their clients and community like no other.

Before partnering with IN2, Proven IT struggled with their digital presence not representing how talented they are in the office technology industry. Because of this, we knew that a complete website upgrade and managed marketing would help position Proven IT as the industry leader they are.

If your digital presence doesn’t represent your brand, then there is a good chance prospects will choose another company to trust. That’s exactly why we decided a complete website overhaul, social media marketing strategy, email marketing, and workflow automation was the best way to engage with both prospects and current customers looking for service.

Custom Website

In this day in age, your website is everything. With well-researched SEO, a blogging strategy, and plenty of opportunities to gather lead information, Proven IT was given the opportunity to generate leads and better serve their current customers. With improved UX/UI, users are now able to seamlessly navigate and intuitively find what they are looking for.

Workflow Automation

Alongside launching Proven IT’s new website, we wanted to take advantage of Hubspot workflow automations to help generate more leads and build relationships. Previously, if a lead submitted a form on their website, an employee would need to manually follow up. Now, leads receive a multi-step campaign to ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

Social Media Marketing

Now that Proven IT has a new website, we knew that we had to get it out there! Our social media team planned out a pre-launch strategy to create buzz, and a post-launch strategy sharing all of the new resources, features, and opportunities on their new website. After the website content was shared, we continued to strategize new content for their social channels aimed to help educate, create the need for office technology, and generate leads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to show off new features, share insights, and build a relationship with prospects and customers alike. Our team builds regular newsletters that keep Proven IT top of mind and on top of trends in the industry.