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Rick Lambert, CEO of IN2communications and selltowin, recently sat in on several discussions about how the pandemic has impacted the sales profession. One of the big takeaways was that today, 87% of businesses have moved (or will move) to a hybrid work environment. This has been a catalyst for the rising trend of inside sales professionals. An inside salesperson is defined as someone that makes sales, typically within an office environment, using phones, email and online channels to do business, as opposed to meeting clients face-to-face at an outside location to make a sale (outside sales).

Want to hear more? Check out The Rise of the Inside Sales Professional above, or listen to the podcast!

Here are Rick’s ten driving factors behind the rise of the inside sales professional. 

1. Lower Cost of Sales – It is more cost-effective bringing your sales team in-house versus having someone in the field. 

2. Increased Availability and Responsiveness – Customers are enjoying easier access with inside sales reps. If their sales representative is on the road, it can be difficult to access them in a hurry when there is an urgent need. An inside sales rep is only a phone call away!

3. More Millennial Buyers – According to Rick, “a recent survey found that 41% of millennials would prefer not to speak to a live person as part of their buying process.” Many employers prefer digital interactions that an in-house team can handle efficiently.

4. Recruitment is Easier – It’s easier to hire inside reps. Today, potential employees are more interested in showing up every day and doing their job without the hassles associated with working in the field.

5. Quicker to Train – With an inside salesperson, as a manager, or owner, you can observe them all day long. You can listen in on calls, coach them on the spot, and help them grow.

6. Easier to Measure Activities – Inside sales are easier to measure with emails, calls, and contacts than someone in the field.

7. An Inside Salesperson Can Cover a Larger Area – For inside sales representatives, there’s no need for commuting. Less physical travel means more time spent prospecting. 

8. Higher Call Volume – On the road, you can do maybe two to four face-to-face meetings. An inside salesperson can have 75 to 100 touches per day.

9. Remote Work Can Give Businesses Peace of Mind – In some instances, especially considering the Coronavirus, more of us have chosen to work digitally. An inside salesperson may give employers peace of mind for worker health and safety.

10. Improvements in Virtual Sales Technology – Virtual technology has improved so that now we can communicate through a screen. While it’s not as powerful as a face-to-face meeting, with technology we can be almost as effective.

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