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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does a selfie video say? Online video is a huge marketing opportunity that’s available to you at no, or a relatively low cost.

According to SMARKETING Show host Rick Lambert, “We all know that you need to get more active on video. LinkedIn offers tremendous opportunity if you’re a business-to-business salesperson, a marketing leader, or just someone who wants to get more active on video.”

In this post, we’re going to share the five types of selfie videos people want to see on LinkedIn that you can create yourself!

The Top Videos People Like on LinkedIn 

In today’s business environment, it’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you, and a selfie video gives you the opportunity to get your message out to the most people, in the most personal and effective way!

Here are five types of video that will answer your customers’ questions and keep you top of mind with your potential customers.

  1. Company News and Updates – This is an easy one to shoot. Maybe you’re releasing a new product, or opening a new facility. The update video is a great way to spread the word about what’s new.
  2. Culture and Recruiting – Today, staff turnover is a real issue. It’s important to be constantly recruiting, and this type of video gives you the opportunity to make your pitch to potential employees while showing and explaining the benefits of working for you and your corporate culture.
  3. How it Works” / Explainer Videos – Show your customer what your product is capable of. These types of videos can show your product in detail and the benefits your customer will enjoy!
  4. Behind the Scenes – Since COVID, you’re probably having fewer visitors to your office or store than in the past. A behind-the-scenes video can give your customers a “VIP” look at your company’s inner workings, making them feel invested in your business.
  5. FAQ Video – The key to successful video posting is to make your content educational, not promotional. FAQ videos give you the opportunity to answer the most commonly asked questions about your product or service. 

Video is arguably the most powerful medium to promote and grow your business online for multiple reasons:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Lead Generation
  • Education

Give video a try! Using these video topics will keep you top of mind with your ideal customer persona.

Want to learn more video topics people like to see on LinkedIn? Check out the SMARKETING Show: TOP 10 LinkedIn Selfie Videos People Like! (Part 1) to see Rick’s examples of each of these five types of videos your LinkedIn followers will love! You can also listen to the podcast of this episode here and view Part 2 of this SMARKETING Show here.

Full Transcription Here:

 [00:17] Hi, I’m Rick Lambert and welcome to this SMARKETING show today. We’re going to tap into a huge opportunity for you. If you’re a business-to-business salesperson, maybe you’re a marketing leader, or somebody that just wants to get more active on video on LinkedIn. Look, I recently did a LinkedIn video boot camp for a bunch of sales professionals from across the United States. And I can tell you of 32 people that were in this program only one person had posted a selfie video on LinkedIn in the last 60 days. And I would argue year to date. My point is you and I both know you need to get more active on video. And in this program, called the TOP 10 videos people want to see, videos you can create yourself, I’m going to cover the top five and next week I’ll share 6 to 10.

[01:00] These are not in order of my favorites. I’m just going to share with you topics you can shoot on your own. I’ll tell you why. When we work with MBAs or we work with businesspeople, leaders, salespeople, marketers. They always ask me the number one question is Rick, what do I post? And then when it gets into video, what should I shoot a video on? And people always get scared of video sometimes, and they don’t know what to say and they don’t want to look bad.

[01:30] So, if that’s you just follow me here and trust my coaching, I’m going to give you topics today and next week you can shoot on your own. And we’re going to do something different in today’s SMARKETING show. I’ll introduce the topic and then I’ll play myself, actually demonstrating what that selfie video might look like. Now, look, if you’re not sold on video, I’m not sure what dark corner you’ve been living in. But if a picture says a thousand words, okay, what does a video say? And if I looked at your trail on LinkedIn of your post, hopefully you’re active.

[02:00] How many videos would you have posted in the last 30, 60, 90 days? And in today’s digital business environment, I hope you would agree. It’s not necessarily always who you know, but who knows you. And I believe firmly the game now is about being top of mind at point of need. So, when someone thinks about, you know, they want to maybe consider buying something, you sell, boom. If you’re out there on video or active on LinkedIn, I believe you’re going to be considered. So, let me jump right into it here.

[02:30] And I’m going to start with my first video topic. Again, these are all topics you can shoot on your own. I’ll overview, then I’ll actually demonstrate. Okay, we’ll go Rick to Rick. All right, here we go. The first one is called company news and updates. This is an easy one to shoot. Maybe you’re launching a new product. You’re opening a new service. You’ve got a new facility and you’re just giving a very short overview to update your viewing audience on what’s new. Let’s take a look at this one now. Hi, I’m Rick Lambert with and I’m so excited to announce some breaking news for our company. We’ve just renewed our partnership with Fanshawe college.

[03:00] One of arguably the top schools in Canada, trading tomorrow’s digital marketing superstars in our partnership. Each of the students love access to our flagship product, Selling Business-to-Business to Win. And, of course our LinkedIn Bootcamp. Thanks so much to Fanshawe college for making this possible. We’re so proud to have you as a partner. All right. I thought that was a great job you did there, Rick, by the way. All right, let’s go to our second topic, culture and recruiting. Now look, I hear from salesforces all the time, where do we find good people?

[03:30] You know, we’re always seeing turnover, unfortunately, the way we wouldn’t like to see it. And so, we’re always recruiting, right? So, this next video topic is great for sales leaders, business leaders looking to communicate really the opportunity with your business. Now, one thing you’re going to notice in my examples, by the way, is each of them I’m going to try and keep no longer than 60 seconds. I believe if you’re shooting video much more than 60 seconds, you could be the only one watching it. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at what a culture and recruiting video might look like now.

[04:00] Hi, I’m Rick Lambert with and we just had another great company event last week. I just want to say how awesome it was to see everybody in person. Just speaks volumes to our culture and the fabric that keeps us together. Thank you to Melissa that organized the event very much another bang-up job. You know, if you’re a business professional and you’re looking to advance your career. You’re a self-starter. You love technology, and you really want to unleash your personal potential. Maybe now is the time to consider our organization for your future.

[04:30] All right, there you go. There’s another video you can shoot on your own. You can see how effective that might be if you’re looking to hire the next superstar. All right. My third one on the list here is how it works. And we call this in the business an explainer video. So, a lot of times you may be selling something that may not be obvious to the customer in terms of what it does, how it does it, and what you want to do is explain something – almost a narration of, of how to, or how it works here. Let me give you an example right now.

[05:00] Hi, I’m Rick Lambert. And what I want to show you in this video is how to adjust the size of your hockey helmet. Because some of you may have bigger heads, some may have smaller, and if you’re, uh, well over planned, you probably got a bigger helmet size. Anyway, it’s very easy to do. What you’re going to do is see this attachment right here. This goes up and down. Now if I push that down, you’ll see it actually locks in position. But if it’s up, I can extend the front end of the helmet out or back to adjust my size. And that’s basically how it works. It’s just that one clasp. There’s one on the other side as well to adjust it larger or smaller.

[05:30] All right. My fourth video here on the list is called behind the scenes. And what I’m finding is since COVID hit and you know, wherever your situation is right now, you too may be finding that less customers may be visiting in your office then they might have a couple of years ago. And so, taking customers behind the scenes is going to give them that kind of VIP pass into something maybe they wouldn’t normally see. Let me give you an example of a behind the scenes video right now.

[06:00] Hi, I’m Rick Lambert with and what I want to do in this video is take you behind the scenes to show you what it looks like in the environment. I’m capturing video on a normal day. Now behind the scenes here, the first thing you’re going to notice is the padded walls. Now, the reason it’s padded is, maybe not because what do you think, it’s actually to stop any type of echoing noise when I speak. Now, as we, you go around, what you’re going to see is professional lighting here because it’s very important to be well lit when you shoot video. A microphone of course, that muffles any distracting background noises and my computer screen where my scripts would be, where I would read as they scroll up and down.

[06:30] Anyway, a quick tour behind the scenes of something you don’t see behind the camera. All right, this last video I saved to the end. It’s arguably one of my personal favorites. I call it an FAQ video. All right. It’s very easy to do. And if you’ve been following me on LinkedIn, you know, I talk a lot about how important it is to post educational content and not promotional content. Okay. Promotional content would be hi, I’m Rick Lambert, you know, I’m one of the best sales coaches, and I’ve got these programs, right?

[07:00] You’d be gone in a second. But if I can educate you, you may tend to gravitate towards me and say, Hey, I might consider that guy for this here. And so, the way to educate and sell potentially the same time I believe is called the FAQ video. Now let me give you a kind of a tactical overview. When you do an FAQ video, the first thing you’re going to do is say a lot of customers have been asking me this question and then pose a question that might be a frequently asked question, your customer asks.

[07:30] And then you’re going to answer the question, which is where you can position your product or service from a selling standpoint. But if you follow me, it’s been kind of front-ended with, as if someone else asked you. And, of course, at the end, you are going to thank them for watching and hopefully this will help them in the future. Let’s take a look at the FAQ video now. Hi, I’m Rick Lambert with and lately I’ve had a lot of sales leaders onboarding new salespeople and they’ve asked me, Rick, what do you suggest to get someone in and up and running as quick as possible?

[08:00] And my suggestion here is number one, get them going on LinkedIn right away, get their profile straightened out, make sure they’re competent to reach out and connect with your target customers, get them within the network so, you can use that digital platform to the max. And then secondly, something I think is sadly missing, and that’s basic selling skills. I think people are polluted with a lot of product information these days.

[08:30] And as a result, we’ve been really effective with our selling Business-to Business to Win program where it walks any B2B seller through prospecting, how to do the initial appointment, asking high gain questions, handling objections, how to do a presentation, how to do a proposal, how to gain commitment, how to qualify, you name it. In short, if you’re hiring somebody right now, hopefully those ideas will help you and your people sell to win. Wow. What a great job I did there. Hopefully. Anyway, listen, I wanted to show you real examples because a lot of times when we do these programs, coaching companies and business leaders on how to shoot video, people talk about it, but they don’t actually have a visual of what to see.

[09:00] And I hope you enjoyed my little clips there where I was trying to give you examples of each of them. Let’s review them now. Number one, we talked about company news and updates. Number two, culture and recruiting. Number three was how it works – that was the explainer video. Number four was behind the scenes tour and number five it’s one of my personal favorites, is the FAQ video. Now thanks for tuning in today. Next week, I’ll cover six through 10. So, if you enjoyed these, I guarantee you are going to not want to miss me next week on this SMARKETING show. Thanks for joining us for this episode of the SMARKETING show.

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