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Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools available today. Combine your sales team and social media and you’ll have a remarkably valuable asset at your fingertips that can help you establish your brand, engage with customers, and generate qualified leads!

At IN2communications, our clients often ask how they can encourage their employees to post company-related content on social platforms. Here are some ideas to make posting company content on their social channels a natural occurrence!

• Make It Part of the “Process”

Making social engagement a part of your team’s activities (especially now while they’re working from home) is an excellent way to develop a new habit. Including a social component in the sales process now will make this habit an ingrained part of their routine when your team is back on the road. Set up targets, for example, making 30 new connections weekly and creating 3 to 5 posts. Stay away from hard-selling, and keep posts engaging.

• Create a “Work from Home” Campaign

Have reps share questions they’ve been asked by customers since social distancing began. Create a business-relevant list of questions and give reps the option to create a short video, or take a selfie with the question written on a piece of paper for posting to their channels. This is a powerful technique to educate customers in an interesting and engaging way.

• Track and Post Results

Track weekly posts and share results with your team. This will motivate your reps to post. Let them know sharing company content counts! 

Motivating Your Team!

Once your team embraces the concept of social media, they’ll most likely need ongoing encouragement to create and share company content. After all, they do have other critical tasks to accomplish each day. Take the time to remind them of the direct payoffs that are associated with your social media strategy:

• They’ll build their personal brand and establish thought leadership

• Boost brand awareness for the company

• Drive more revenue, faster

• Improve the company’s talent acquisition efforts and profile

Offer support, and share useful tips and tricks with your staff like the best days and times to post, how to optimize social media profiles, and the types of topics to share.

Motivating your team to create, post and share company content on social media is a win for your brand, team, company, and clients! Increase your brand’s reach and image as you build out your community in an organic way!

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