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Google My Business is a free tool that can help you manage your online presence across Google, including locally on search and maps. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at how Google My Business can complement your existing website and online marketing efforts by giving you a listing presence on Google.

What You Should Know About Google My Business

So, the questions we often hear about Google My Business are…What exactly is Google My Business? Why do I want it? and How do I measure results from it? 

What It Is…

Google My Business is an easy to use free tool. It’s basically a business profile to help you manage your business’s online presence across Google. What it isn’t is a website! It’s a complement to your website: it gives you a little more of an online presence, builds brand awareness, and gives you a listing on Google.

“It’s a microsite for your business, supercharged by Google.” – Rick Lambert, B2B Sales Performance Coach,

Why You Want It…

When a customer types in your business name, your Google My Business page will pop up on the right of the page. It’s a valuable tool that allows you to post videos and images to drive your business traffic. It includes location and contact information, as well as customer reviews of your business.

“Be sure to update your hours, especially if there’s a holiday coming up, or of you are having a special event or promotion, your GMB page is a great way to promote it.” – Cheryl Weedmark, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience, IN2communications

Finally, when done correctly, your Google My Business page can work to supercharge your SEO! Google uses information on your business with its algorithm to create your search ranking. The keywords in your description can trigger Google’s algorithm, just like your blog posts or web pages. 

Measuring Results

If you’ve properly listed your business, you will begin to generate reviews. This is an excellent way to begin to measure results. Google My Business gives you the ability to interact directly with customers and prospects.

With Google you have access to in-depth analytics, which for My Business Pages, Google calls “Insights.” You can learn how customers find you, whether by a direct search or discovery search. Where they found you and if they searched for directions, and more.

Google My Business is a tool that you should immediately add to your marketing mix. Just based on the analytics alone, it’s worth the effort to create one. Be sure to update it at least quarterly to help build your brand identity and get found online!

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