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The digital world is constantly changing. However, one technique remains important to an effective marketing strategy… Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your content improves your site’s visibility, plus it offers plenty of other benefits to help you grow your brand.

Here are the top ten reasons why your business needs an SEO strategy.

  1. The Best Traffic is Organic – Today, there are over 40,000 searches every second of every day! That means there are literally millions of opportunities for your business to be found online. SEO can help you to organically rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).
  2. SEO Builds Trust and Brand Credibility – Users tend to trust a brand that ranks well. A high search ranking builds trust and credibility with your audience. 53% of search engine clicks are on the first “organic” (non-paid) listing. 
  3. SEO is Good for Social Media – If your webpage ranks high on SERPs, you’ll also gain more social media engagement. Better social engagement means more shares, likes and clicks.
  4. SEO Requires a Long-Range Approach – SEO takes time. It should have a noticeable impact within the first year, and your efforts will last for several years. The more time and effort committed to SEO, the better the results.
  5. SEO Offers a Better ROI Than Ads – SEO is relatively cheap and the payoff can be huge! Think of it as an investment that will provide trackable, quantifiable results for years.
  6. SEO Builds Brand Awareness – As traffic increases, so does brand awareness. As more users become aware of your brand they begin to trust it and associate it with certain keywords, thanks to SEO.
  7. SEO Can Impact the Buying Cycle – Customers do their research online. When done right, SEO will impact the buying cycle. SEO makes your brand visible.  
  8. SEO Levels the Playing Field – SEO gives small businesses the opportunity to compete on a larger scale with minimal financial resources. 
  9. Better SEO Means a Better User Experience – Search engines want to see mobile-friendly design, relevance, and good user signals. They are key elements of SEO, and a great user experience.
  10. Most Consumers Begin the Buying Process Online – 81% of shoppers and 94% of B2B buyers begin their journey online. Achieving a first-page ranking is critical if you want consumers who are actively searching for your products to find you.

SEO will help increase traffic, brand awareness, and trust with potential buyers. If you’re not maximizing your SEO efforts, you’re missing out. Start optimizing your content today!

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