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The biggest problem we see at IN2communications is a company engaging on social media without a plan. There’s no centralized messaging, no unified voice. Tom in marketing might post on the company’s account, and the next post is from Julie in sales. 

Rick Lambert, B2B Sales Performance Coach, offers his magic formula for social media:

“The most effective mix for a social media person combines the knowledge a younger person has with the technology of social, with the business experience of someone who’s been around for a while. That’s the winning magic formula!”

At IN2 we see all kinds of challenges companies experience on social media. Here are the top ten:

1.  Dormant on Several Channels

You’ve got to be consistently active on the channels where your customers gather! 

2.  No Inspection, Measurement, or Analysis 

Social isn’t just throwing information online! Set measurable goals. Want to increase sales? Drive traffic? Set realistic measurable goals then adjust. 

3.  Using Copywritten Material

Using copywritten material without permission puts your business at risk. Get permission to use material that you didn’t create!

4.  Lack of Branding

When branding content consider design, color, and fonts. Be consistent with your brand’s portrayal.

5.  Not Linking Posts to Your Website

Link back to a page, section, or landing page on your website related to your content. 

6.  Too Much “Salesy” Promotional Content

Don’t just talk about your product or service. Talk about your community, your team, share industry news, or talk about your clients, but provide value!

7.  Not Including Your Employees

Include your employees. It personalizes your business. Stop by a colleague’s desk, take a picture and post it with a “Thank You!” It will add depth to your site, and boost your team’s morale! 

8.  LinkedIn Profiles are Not Branded

Have a company-branded profile and have employees brand their profiles to match the company. 

9.  Lack of Video in Your Social Mix

Include video! You’ll get a lot more attention!

10.  Not Soliciting Engagement

Do you survey your visitors? Are you asking questions that encourage engagement? Take advantage of the options on platforms to engage with your visitors.

The bottom line – social media should be an element of your marketing. Not sure where to start? These tips can help, however, consider bringing in a professional to help you develop a plan and organize your strategy! Check out our latest SMARKETING Show the “Top 10 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media”, watch below, or listen to our podcast here!

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