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No matter what your aspirations, creating a personal brand goes beyond marketing yourself and can help you in many ways. As we all look to take advantage of the reality of the online world, here are some classic personal branding mistakes to avoid.

Being Fake

Pretending to be someone you’re not can really damage your brand. Buyers and audiences want sincerity and authenticity from the personal brands they follow. When they realize that you haven’t been completely honest, any trust you may have gained is broken. Don’t conform, keep it honest and real. Don’t alter your brand to meet the expectations of others. Instead, focus on showcasing your positive qualities. Be honest about who you are and what you stand for!

Waiting Until Something Goes Wrong

This is like buying smoke alarms after you’ve had a fire – too little, too late! It’s hard to take control of your brand when there is something bad you need to contend with! Start building it when things are calm, and you can focus on doing it right. That way, if something unforeseen happens, your reputation is already built and better able to handle it.

Focusing on Yourself

If you’re thinking, “it is my personal brand after all,” well, you’re right on one level. Use your personal brand to attract people to you, but not in a self-centered way – use it to show off your personality and values while focusing on your audience.

Not Creating Unique Content

Don’t limit yourself to sharing other people’s content. It’s like playing in a cover band, the music is great, but you’re not letting people hear your stuff! The bottom line when you share others’ content, you’re telling your audience to check them out. Make an effort to put your own voice into the mix. Share YOUR knowledge and expertise using a medium you enjoy. Whether it’s an article, podcast, video, or infographic, it’s going to bring your audience back for more!

Dismissing it as “Not for You”

Don’t underestimate the importance of a personal brand. It’s not just for the big whigs or senior executives. 

Branding yourself is all about controlling people’s perceptions, both online and off. Whether you’re working on getting a new job or trying to advance within your present company, how you’re viewed will influence others. Ultimately the success of your personal brand is in your hands!

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