Powered by machine learning, Immersitech’s human voice audio enhancements make real-time, online conversations more enjoyable. Creating connections online isn’t easy, Immersitech makes online conversations clear.

Because Immersitech was not representing their unique product online, we knew a rebrand was the first step in taking them to the next level. Once the rebrand was complete, a custom built website to match was next, following a complete social media rebrand and video series.

In order to convey this message, Windstream Wholesale was in need of a branding overhaul and marketing assets that reflect who they are today. This was achieved by creating new brand guidelines, including logo, colors, fonts, and key messaging points, as well as building social media content and video content to drive home their stand-out features.


Immersitech’s branding was lackluster and missing personality that would make them stand out from the crowd. Because of this, our team created a new logo and brand guidelines that included custom colors, brand voice, and other assets that drive home their value-added.

Custom Website

After rebranding all of Immersitech’s assets, it only made sense to build a new custom website. Oftentimes SaaS companies can be confusing to understand, so using content that explains what they offer, and how the user can benefit, was imperative.

Social Media Marketing

Now that Immersitech had a new brand identity and website to match, they had to get their brand out there. Through video series, product demonstrations, and educational blog articles, Immersitech was able to grow their LinkedIn following from 0 to over 500 in just a few short months.