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Congratulations on being selected to join Rick and Melissa on THE SMARKETING SHOW!

We’re excited to showcase your talents in a way that educates our audience and inspires them to follow you after the show airs.

Please complete the “Guest Registration” form below to book your zoom recording.

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Hosted by award wining B2B Sales performance coach Rick Lambert, THE SMARKETING SHOW is where B2B Sales & Marketing meet.

Join Rick and his guests each week for best practices from the top performers in many of the worlds most recognized organizations. If you’re looking to Market AND Sell to win – you’ve come to the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our viewing audience is 80% US based B2B Sales & Marketing Leaders, B2B sales professionals and of course business owners looking for ideas to grow their business.

Your episode will be showcased via email to over 6,000 business leaders, shared on all major podcast platforms and posted on YouTube.

Our goal is a 10 – 15-minute interview which allows us time to ask you 3-5 questions on your topic.

It’s recorded in advance on Wednesdays at 10am EST (flexible), then we do the postproduction adding any visuals, edits etc and the show airs on Thursdays before noon on YouTube and all major podcast channels.

YES, before the show we will provide you with a promo ad that you can share on social media, your website, etc. and you’ll receive the YouTube link after it airs.

Yes, you will receive the link to the show on YouTube the day it airs.

We ask our guests to suggest a topic they are passionate about and to provide us with 3 questions they would like us to ask them during the conversation.

No visuals are required. If you have visual assets you feel would support your message, just let us know at the time of recording so we can advise our video production team to include them.

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